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RetroNET is an experimental time machine, a look at a network of UNIX computers circa the mid 1980s. The main goal of RetroNET is to demonstrate how UUCP and Usenet communications worked in an era when local-area networking was not as ubiquitous as it is today.

Today, RetroNET runs three hosts, each with the following specs:


RetroNET provides four main services:

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Q: Why offer Telnet access if it's a UUCP network?

A: It's the only convenient way to allow modern computers easy access to this retro environment. When you telnet to RetroNET, you're really being connected to a virutal serial port. The machines do not have any form of TCP/IP networking, nor can they reach the Internet except through a UUCP to TCP/IP bridge.


Q: How many hosts are there?

A: At the moment, only three, with 10 virtual serial ports each, allowing a maximum of 30 simultaneous users across all machines. We hope that this number will grow as more hosts want to peer with RetroNET.


Q: How does UUCP peering work?

A: All UUCP peering to RetroNET at the moment must be over TCP/IP to a UUCP bridge system (lilac.retronet.net). In the future, we hope to offer at least one true dial-up modem line for peering.